Abstracción temporal (Temporary Abstraction), Museo Experimental El Eco 2010
Mexico City, Mexico

“Art in general, and naturally architecture as well, is a reflection of the spiritual state of the man of its time. But there is a sense that the modern architect, individualized and intellectual, exaggerates at times—perhaps due to having lost close contact with the community—when wanting to highlight architecture’s rational side excessively. […] Only by receiving true emotions from architecture, man can consider it again art.” This is an excerpt from the introduction of the book “Abstracción Temporal, Museo Experimental El Eco 2010,” which gathers different activities (or “experiments” as they call them) that took place in Museo Experimental El Eco the same year.


Based on Mathias Goeritz’s Emotional Architecture Manifesto from 1953, El Eco establishes its grounds to understand the reason why this museum is a space for creation, experimentation and emotion in different levels. This summary of “experiments” is an interesting book that presents more than 20 examples of visual arts, architecture, music, poetry, film, performance and dance. Projects such as Pabellón Eco, Archivo Vivo de El Eco (Eco Pavilion, Live Archive of El Eco), Cine Abierto (Open Cinema), and its curator and artist residency program, are presented through interviews, visual information and letters which enhance the way the reader interacts with the book. The publication includes works, interviews, actions and interventions by Thomas Glassford, Alex Hubbard, Karina Peisajovich, Georgina Bringas, Omar Barquet, Geoffrey Farmer, El Resplandor, Marcos Castro, My Barbarian, Inger-Reidun Olsen, Frida Escobedo, José León Cerrillo, Adriana Lara, Lázaro Valiente, Melanie Smith, Rafael Ortega, Alejandra Laviada, N’Goné Fall, Sharon Houkema, Adrian Notz, Postopolis!DF, Verbatim Vortex, and José Jiménez Ortiz.

Texts by José León Cerrillo, Rita Eder, N’Goné Fall, Geoffrey Farmer, Mathias Goeritz, José Jiménez Ortiz, Jennifer Josten, Adriana Lara, Alejandra Laviada, David Miranda, My Barbarian, Adrian Notz, Tobias Ostrander, Ricardo Pohlenz, El Resplandor, Inger-Reidun Olsen, and Paola Santoscoy.

*Images taken from Arquine