The Experimental Exercise of Freedom: Lygia Clark, Gego, Mathias Goeritz, Helio Oiticica, And Mira Schendel
By Rian Carvajal and Alma Ruiz
Essays by Catherine David, Suely Rolnik, Sonia Salzstein, Osvaldo Sanchez
January 2, 2000
259 pages

This catalogue accompanied the exhibition Exercise of Freedom, on view at MOCA October 17 1999 – January 23, 2000.

Encompassing approximately one hundred pieces, this exhibition examined the contributions of five artists-Lygia Clark, Gego, Mathias Goeritz, Hélio Oiticica, and Mira Schendel-who created innovative and highly individualistic work in Latin America from the late 1950s to the 1970s. During the period highlighted by the exhibition, these artists moved away from traditional art forms such as paintings and sculpture, for a new aesthetic that connected directly with the cultures in which they lived.