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Ricardo Rendón – Vazio Contido / Contained Emptiness, texts by Paula Braga and David Miranda, Zipper Galeria, Sao Paulo, 2013

In this catalogue, Paula Braga writes: “In his works, Ricardo Rendón proposes a renaissance in reverse, that emphasizes manual work, and exposes the worker face of conceptual art, that which values the process, the singularity of each gesture, which, as we learned with Sisyphus, is a redeeming attitude. Rendón, therefore, joins a school of Latin American artists like Hélio Oiticica who practiced a “cordial conceptualism”, in Marcelo Campos’ apt expression; cosa mentale, no doubt, but smoothened by the appreciation of banal materials.

The obsessive works in which Rendón pierces a felt, card or plaster surface are based on an idea of repetitive procedure that is no stranger to conceptual art. But it is not enough for this Mexican artist to offer the script, the algorithm that defines the repetitions to be executed; it’s necessary to present the object, to scatter on the floor the remains of the repetitive process of piercing the industrial felt, thus exhibiting a dimension of the object called time, even if what remains of the work is more of a void than actually matter; a void that points to the idea of corrosion, wear and tear, disappearing, dematerialization through division into small parts.”

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