Artist: Amadeo Azar

Patience is a Mine Field
September 11 – November 4, 2014
Alejandra von Hartz Gallery
Miami, FL, USA

An artist who wishes to introduce himself to a new context draws a map. He places the pieces in such a way so that we can understand the new fragments in the landscapes of those that preceded them, establishing a mental cartography where to hear one’s questions in reverse.

This exhibition is in the spirit of a retrospective in the sense of steering our sight both backwards and forwards so as to perceive the totality of his ideas. What does an Artist do when he creates a work? He formulates a plan. In this case to take the technique to the extreme so that it collapses. To become an expert in the tradition of the pictorial ingredient -this time the watercolor- in order to betray that capacity until it all but disappears.

Image: “Rusakov Club”, 2014, 132 photocopies on call, 84.65 x 128 inches. Edition 1/3