Artist: Eduardo Santiere

July 27, 2016 – September 7, 2016
Henrique Faria 
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is Eduardo Santiere’s medium and matter: surface and volume. With graphite, colored pencils, sharp materials and infinite meticulousness, Santiere composes universes whose scale we cannot be sure of. He constructs a Scenario for an Empty World [Escenario para un mundo vacío] – one of his “scratchings on exhibit – subjecting the paper’s surface to incisions and tearings that liberate it from the pressure that made it smooth and regular. He brings out sculptural reliefs that lightly dangle from the matter they have been detached from. It is a question of a morphological transformation that moves from the void to abundance.

The paper’s two-dimensionality is just as roughly subjugated in the works in which Santiere uses conventional drawing materials. Light graphite lines surround or connect points of color of various densities, colored ovoid forms – flat or on lacerated paper – are interconnected — the paper erupts and spumes like foam. We lose ourselves in studying the position, shape, movement and mutual relation of the microorganisms or heavenly bodies hovering over the white of the page. We waver between surrendering to arbitrariness or hunting for a system.