Artist: Jorge Pedro Núñez

Entre Machine et moi Machin
September 12 – October 26, 2014
Galerie Crèvecoeur
Paris, France

The artist presents an abstract landscape, between sculpture and in-situ installation, composed by geometric figures human-scale based, featuring machine and motor. Symbols of the modern era defined by “the cult of the rapid combustion”, according to Peter Sloterdijk, motor and machine are still characteristic of the contemporary economy, even though the digital world, both in a real and fantasy process, is overwhelming. He uses standards materials of our developed environment like metal, glass, plaster and oil, combines heterogeneous logicals and creates an itinerary dividing, in an invisible way, the space. By creating a situation which tends to modify our gathering and our wandering, the artist follows his reflexions about the reception of the art forms, the display of existing objects and history of surfaces and materials. The theme of the machine, and its anthropomorphic projections, is in the title of the show, ironically reminded by the artist, quoting Serge Gainsbourg, author of Machins Choses, a 1965 song.