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Artists: Mariella Agois, Ignacio Alvaro, Ana Teresa Barboza, Patricia Camet, Andrea Canepa, Alvaro Icaza, José Ignacio Iturburu, Alejandro Jaime, Natalia Revilla, Macarena Rojas, Sandra Nakamura.
No View
January 8th – February 7th, 2014
Wu Galería
Barranco, Peru

The absence of pictures is what at first glance disconcerts the spectator when entering into a seemingly empty gallery.

Works by eleven artists are waiting to be discovered by the visitors on an unusual search in corners, ceilings, sidewalls, pedestals, etc. The exhibition questions the traditional way of “seeing” the invisibility of the work and the perception of what is represented –favoring an open look to the reading of the work of art today from other point of view, whether physical or conceptual.

With several formations and artistic projects that use dissimilar media, the artists suggest ways of perception and readings that play with intuition and curiosity.