Artist: Mauro Giaconi

From the Depths of Time
Until July 24, 2016
Museo Universitario Del Chopo
Mexico City, Mexico

The Argentine artist works against the boundaries of a discipline that is conventionally understood as marks on a surface. In his practice, he continually redefines the act of drawing using autobiographical reflection, historical references and his anchoringin a present-day commitment with the awareness of someone who has lived in different latitudes and grew up under a dictatorship.

The exhibition comprises three works that present his working processes: an ephemeral mural that covers the walls of the room, incorporating architectural elements from the museum’s immediate surroundings. The installation Alma (Soul) is made up of a heap of “rocks” formed from empty plastic bags. Finally, the museum’s storage room is used to project the video Línea transversal (Transversal Line), which records an action inspired by an episode from the military dictatorship in Uruguay.