Artist: Omar Barquet

May 11, 2016 – June 25, 2016
Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo
Mexico City, Mexico


The passion on the wall, the knot to come, the birth. 

The sunless openings, the illuminated edge and its mourning. 

The battle between the red and the orange, the fresh wind 

of the memory of Greece where living is an experiment 

of atmospheres, of bones, of cuts and sinking.

Syllables is an interdisciplinary show inspired on the 5th melisma for Gunther Gerzso written by Mexican poet Francisco Hernández; conducted by Omar Barquet and integrated as the 6th movement of the Ghost Variations project.

Ghost Variations is an interdisciplinary proposal launched in 2012, composed of a sequence of six projects organized similarly to the movements of a symphony, and as a series of six experimental collaborations understood as fugues.

Together they pose an analogy to the disctint evolutionary phases of a hurricane, emulating its intensity and movements, like the sketch of a spiral shape, mainly reflecting on the perception of time and life through the transformation cycles of a landscape and the chaotic nature of our thoughts, depicting a pulse wich changes in intensity, and thus, the estate of things.