Happenings provides references on art events, exhibitions, biennales, art fairs and festivals, with a focus on Abstraction in Action artists and post-90s abstraction from Latin America.

Emilio Chapela, Jaime Davidovich, Karina Peisajovich, Horacio Zabala: Illuminations II


Artists: Olga de Amaral, Emilio Chapela, Jaime Davidovich, Wilson Díaz, Monir Farmanfarmaian, José Gabriel Fernández, Rafael Ferrer, Mathias Goeritz, Fernanda Gomes, José Antonio Hernández-Diez, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Jesús (Bubu) Negrón, Karina Peisajovich, Horacio Zabala.

Illuminations II
December 3, 2016 – February 10, 2017
Henrique Faria and Miami Biennale
The Historic Dorissa of Miami Building
Miami, Florida

Magdalena Fernández: Exhibition Series “CLIMAS”


Artist: Magdalena Fernández

Opening November 17, 2016
Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace
Miami, Florida

In the words of Magdalena Fernández: “1i011 (Forest) is a penetrable installation, made of light aluminum rods of various sizes hinged together, which transforms, breaks and become alive when visitors enter it and run through it. It appears, then, as a vibrant, unstable and mobile “Forest”, formed from a metal structure in unstable equilibrium that agitates, shakes and trembles, interacting with the bodies and other elements found in the space it occupies. This webbing of branches takes over the place in which is located, and it is virtually transformed into a vibrant piece of unpredictable changes and movements. Thus, each viewer makes this landscape in a proper place that is constantly redrawing, in a spatial grid with which he interacts and plays, in a jungle of memories where he can circulate reflectively. In short, this “Forest”, this structure in precarious equilibrium, this exploration through our ways of apprehending and experiencing nature, arises as the possibility of a journey of sensations, in which the occurring mutations, due to the exchange between bodies and spatial intervention device, vitalize the geometric rigor of the structure and the coldness of the materials impregnating them with vibrations, reverberations, waves and resonances”.

José Luis Landet: Doma


Artist: José Luis Landet

Opening November 15, 2016
Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

José Luis Landet*’s work involves a wide range of operating and assimilating cultural processes crossed by social, political and ideological actions, through which he explores cultural remnants.

In Doma, Landet presents the work of South American artist Carlos Gómez (1945-2014), from his epistolary communication with poet Zé Braulio, until his exile to Mexico in 1977. The restoration and presentation of Gomez’s work represents an ideal starting point for Landet’s objectives: to recover, document and innovate.

Doma (Tame):
1 The process of domestication of a wild animal through the repetition of exercises.
2 To deprive a passion or conduct.