Artist: Ricardo Alcaide

April 5 – June 6, 2014
Baró Galeria
Sao Paulo, Brazil

The exhibition proposes a “settlement” of objects and situations that take ownership of the gallery space in an almost invasive way to freely occupy the metal structures presented as a symbol of imposing rationalist architecture. “My main interest in this show is defined by sculptural, pictorial and questions the current values of art, chaos and uncontrolled progress”, defines the artist.

For this exhibition, the artist presents a large installation of industrial steel shelves with groupings of works created in the studio and objects collected in the street -converting their vulnerable aspect into something solid and permanent, a series of sculptures made of bronze, developed from the same objects and other objects made of different materials and also paintings. That way, Alcaide evidences the “disposable” and its vulnerable, susceptible to destruction and disappearance nature and that requires an exercise of observation and rediscovery.