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Túlio Pinto and AIA is reviewed by Atelier Subterrânea
Atelier Subterrânea
Av. Independência, n° 745, Subsolo
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

The Cultural Association Subterranea Studio is an independent art space that hosts exhibitions, workshops, chats, film and book launches, performances, and other activities related to contemporary art. The goal is to gather and provide dialogue between different audiences that have interest in the visual art scene.

It reviews the Abstraction in Action project in the article “Por onde andamos: Túlio Pinto integra a plataforma Abstract in Action” (Where to walk: Abstract in Action platform integrates Túlio Pinto).

“With the initial goal of producing an exhibition that illustrates the experimental and innovative nature of contemporary abstraction in Latin America, the developers of the Abstract in Action project soon discovered such a rich setting of this production that expanded their goals. Through the partnership between Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, curator of Abstract in Action, and Sayago & Pardon Collection, which focuses on contemporary Latin American abstraction, the virtual platform has been developed, which today serves as a reference for research and promotion of abstract art in Latin America.

Abstract in Action is defined as an area of ​​ongoing collaboration that seeks to incorporate multiple voices of artists, curators, writers and researchers. Among the members of this network is Tulio Pinto, who composes the platform with information and pictures of various projects developed over the years. Besides the network of artists, the project has a collection of various texts and articles on the subject, and specific space for disclosure of events related to the theme.”