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Artists: Richard Garet and Crystal Z. Campbell

Sound One
July 19, 2016 — August 12, 2016
Cindy Rucker Gallery
New York, USA

Richard Garet interweaves various media including moving image, sound, expanded photography, and multimedia performance. Garet’s pieces seeks to invert the normative function of extraneous noise and bring it into the conscious state. His piece Meta (2013) is a sonic construct intended for ear-to-the-wall-listening. Using the chalky drywall and often hollow interior as an acoustical device, Garet invites his audience to experience the piece aurally and physically by placing their ear against the wall in an investigative action. Garet’s original composition is derivative of our own experiences, actions, and choices. They become emitted by commodities, means of communications, and our own relationships with technology.

In Garet’s Perpetual (2015) series, the artist focused on background noise to create sonic constructions and subsequently translating each piece into a moving image generating a chromatic visual landscape. Removing the sound, Garet draws attention to the processes of perception, which activate sensorial, physical, and psychological phenomena that reflects on the nature and experience of time.

August 11, 2016