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Artists: August Muth, Regine Schumann, Soledad Arias, Ariane Roesch, and Myke Venable.

November 12 – December 31, 2016
Gallery Sonja Roesch
Houston, TX

The show consists of five artists whose work collectively examines phenomenological experience through the use of luminescent light and color. The gallery is overcome by a strong luminous presence, shifting perceptions of space and enhancing sensory experience through the use of minimally reductive materials. Objects in space recede and advance while colored fluorescent light mixes to create visual reflections and overlays.

The minimally reductive nature of each artwork leads to infinite possibilities of thought, evoking memory and familiarity while linking past to present. “Luminous” embodies the mystic creation of light and color; the varied results of each work push our perceptions and bring the fundamental act of seeing into the limelight.

November 17, 2016