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Artist: Amadeo Azar

May 11, 2016 – June 25, 2016
Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo
Mexico City, Mexico

“…certain types of perception of the world are poetic themselves. Everything that helps to dissolve the boundaries, making the world a homogeneous and poorly differentiated whole, is impregnated with poetic power (is the case of fog or twilight). Some objects have poetic impact, not as objects alone, but by breaking the delimitation of space and time with their mere presence, they induce a special psychological state. Poetry is not just another language; it’s a whole new beholding. One way to see the world, all objects in the world (both highways and serpents, flowers and parking lots).”

“… There is a dual operation at work, the desire to recreate a historical piece, on one hand, and to reinterpret geometric abstraction on the other. This dual intent is characteristic of the works Azar has made in recent years, accomplishing a strange association of scale and mood, a peculiar combination of figuration and abstraction, the coexistence of diverse temporalities: we see in them the image of something that once was coupled with new ways presented as a viable artistic path, today.” 2

“An image is an act, not a thing.” 3

“Using modernity as a catapult, as starting point for exploring new landscapes. Scrape the golden aura of modern practice, taking it closer to the imperfection of real societies to expose the corrosive air of today, to loosen the rust of the past and adapt to local hybrids. There is a new facade that makes use of the foundations planted in the quicksands of the tropic, where everything is malleable and voluptuous. An artistic act becomes transcendental when it crosses several layers of reality through its core, that’s when art, sharing the same room with the social and the political, becomes a historical event.  Abstraction builds a bridge to a world of ideas, built with ropes and lumber, where some steps are missing and others are loose or hanging. There is a musical curiosity in all creative processes, intuitive and poetic where we approach to Vanguardism as an extension of tyranny.” 4

1 Intervention 2, Michel Houellebecq, Flamitron, 2009.
2 El camino a la Semilla, Alejandra Aguado, 2015.
3 Jean Paul Sartre
4 Amadeo Azar

June 17, 2016