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Artists: None Futbol Club, Léa Le Bricomte, Leyla Cárdenas, Olivier Magnier, Saad Qureshi, Valerie Vaubourg, David Renault (Les Frères Ripoulain), Claire Froës, Théo de Gueltzl & Octave Marsal.

Légère Inquiétude
June 12 – July 20, 2014
White Project Galerie
Paris, France

Through a series of new works of art by emergent artists, Légère Inquiétude explores the concept of concern as a way to question the restlessness that troubles the contemporary society as well as the young art scene. LI questions the syntax of the exhibition itself as well as the languages of the objects displayed in their intangible form, the materiality of the work and even the possibility of its disappearance and its re-enactment.

July 11, 2014