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Artist: Francisco Ugarte

Paisaje Sugerido
May 15 – July 3, 2015
Curro y Poncho
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

The exhibited pieces have an interest in documenting changes within the natural environment in a specific time frame. Therefore, they are not meant to be observed necessarily from beginning to end, but to be seen like a scene through a vain.

Francisco Ugarte’s work is based on the grounds of architecture, mainly during the creative process: the proposal is generated from a deep focus in the environment, and a subsequent response to it. Using a variety of media including site-specific interventions, video, installation, sculpture and drawing, his work can be understood as a phenomenological exercise in which reality is comprehended through contemplation and perception of things.


June 26, 2015 Octavio Abúndez: Presentando lo Irrepresentable https://abstractioninaction.com/happenings/octavio-abundez-presentando-lo-irrepresentable/


Artists: Gabriel Rico Jiménez and Octavio Abúndez

Presentando lo Irrepresentable
January 30 – April 11, 2014
Curro & Poncho
Jalisco, Mexico

CURRO & PONCHO is pleased to present its first show of the year: “Presentando lo Irrepresentable”. A two man show by mexican artists Gabriel Rico Jimenez (Lagos de Moreno, 1980) and Octavio Abundez (Monterrey, 1981).

Borrowing from Francois Lyotard’s 1982 essay entitled Presenting the Unpresentable, this show attempts to confront viewers and their preconceived notions regarding symbology and representation.

By taking as its reference point notions such as liminality, border-related thresholds, rites of passing as well as their philosophical and ambiguous implications, Abundez and Rico transmit the impassible nature of such concepts through an almost esquizofrenic practice.

“Presentando lo Irrepresentable” is curated by Francisco Borrego Vergara

January 29, 2014 Francisco Ugarte https://abstractioninaction.com/artists/francisco-ugarte/

Translated from Spanish

My work is supported by the fields of architecture and above all the creative process. The proposal is generated from the analysis of the environment and it is a reaction to it. It can be understood as a phenomenological exercise, from which reality is understood through the perception of phenomena and the essence of things. The works are self-referential, they speak about themselves. Perception, abstraction, intuition, light, time, change, place, the material and the universal, are some of the recurring themes of my work.


Mi trabajo se apoya en los terrenos de la arquitectura, y sobre todo en el del proceso creativo. La propuesta se genera a partir del análisis del entorno y es una respuesta a él. Se puede entender como un ejercicio fenomenológico, con el cual la realidad es conocida a través de la percepción de los fenómenos y las esencias de las cosas. Las obras son autorreferentes, hablan de sí mismas. La percepción, la abstracción, la intuición, la luz, el tiempo, los cambios, el lugar, lo material y lo universal son algunos de los temas recurrentes dentro de mi trabajo.

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