Abstraction in Action Mariella Agois, Alberto Borea, Jorge Cabieses, Casari & PPPP, Valentino Sibadon: Señalamientos https://abstractioninaction.com/happenings/mariella-agois-alberto-borea-jorge-cabieses-casari-pppp-valentino-sibadon-senalamientos/


Artists: Mariella Agois, Alberto Borea, Jorge Cabieses, Casari & PPPP, Valentino Sibadon, Miguel Aguirre, Haroldo Higa, Edi Hirose, José Luis y José Carlos Martinat, Musuk Nolte, and Patrick Tschudi.

Curator: Jorge Villacorta
April 23 – May 23, 2015
Lucía de la Puente Galería de Arte
Lima, Peru

Celebrating 20 years of the gallery. Group exhibition.

April 22, 2015 Mariella Agois, Ricardo Alcaide, Alberto Borea, Jorge Cabieses, Alberto Casari, Sandra Gamarra, Billy Hare, Nicolás Lamas, Valentino Sibadón: Divertimento https://abstractioninaction.com/happenings/mariella-agois-ricardo-alcaide-alberto-borea-jorge-cabieses-alberto-casari-sandra-gamarra-billy-hare-nicolas-lamas-valentino-sibadon-divertimento/


Artists: Mariella Agois, Miguel Aguirre, Ricardo Alcaide, Alberto Borea, Jorge Cabieses, Alberto Casari, Aldo Chaparro, Margarita Checa, César Cornejo, Dare Dovidjenko, Sandra Gamarra, Huanchaco, Billy Hare, Haroldo Higa, Edi Hirose, Fernando La Rosa, Nicolás Lamas, Julio Le Parc, Benjamín Moncloa, Vik Muniz, Musuk Nolte, Pedro Peschiera, Jorge Piqueras, Liliana Porter, Emilio Rodríguez Larraín, Valentino Sibadon, Pier Stockholm, José Tola, Adriana Tomatis, Patrick Tschudi, and Alice Wagner.

January 14 – February 6, 2015
Galeria Lucia de la Puente
Lima, Peru

Group show

Image: Alberto Borea, from the series American Deconstruction, 2015, Collage on canvas, 150 x 190 cm.
February 24, 2015 Mariella Agois & Sandra Nakamura: No View https://abstractioninaction.com/happenings/mariella-agois-sandra-nakamura-view/

invitación no view-1

Artists: Mariella Agois, Ignacio Alvaro, Ana Teresa Barboza, Patricia Camet, Andrea Canepa, Alvaro Icaza, José Ignacio Iturburu, Alejandro Jaime, Natalia Revilla, Macarena Rojas, Sandra Nakamura.
No View
January 8th – February 7th, 2014
Wu Galería
Barranco, Peru

The absence of pictures is what at first glance disconcerts the spectator when entering into a seemingly empty gallery.

Works by eleven artists are waiting to be discovered by the visitors on an unusual search in corners, ceilings, sidewalls, pedestals, etc. The exhibition questions the traditional way of “seeing” the invisibility of the work and the perception of what is represented –favoring an open look to the reading of the work of art today from other point of view, whether physical or conceptual.

With several formations and artistic projects that use dissimilar media, the artists suggest ways of perception and readings that play with intuition and curiosity.

January 12, 2014 Mariella Agois https://abstractioninaction.com/artists/mariella-agois/

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